User Premium auctions

User Premium Auctions allowed you to sell your expiring domain by promoting it on the list of domains available for catching. Due to the fact that these domains were marked as recommended for catching, some users complained that poor quality domains (or worse, typo domains) are marked as recommended or purported be equally valuable as the best domains chosen by our moderators. This undermined users' trust in the entire domain ranking system.

By analyzing the sale prices at auctions, we have verified that the sale at Last Minute auctions is as effective as at User Premium auctions. Last Minute auctions are also promoted in the daily newsletter and a separate category on the marketplace. As a result, the prices achieved at these auctions do not differ from the selling prices at User Premium auctions. That's why we decided to disable the User Premium auctions.

If you have ordered a User Premium auction and it has not yet taken place, you will be refunded the fee for this auction. The option you have set up for this domain will also be transferred back to your account.