Operation authorization

Categories: Account security

The second level password – as an authorization method for sensitive operations in your account – is replaced with powerful security mechanisms. In the new version of the system, operations on your account can be confirmed in one of three ways:

  • One-time codes sent in e-mail messages.
  • One-time codes sent in text messages.
  • One-time codes generated by Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.

Moreover, you not only decide how you want to secure your account operations, but you can also select a list of operations that require such additional authorization. By default, these are operations such as retrieving the AuthInfo code or pushing a domain to another account, but you can also enable the authorization requirement for other actions, for example selling a domain or setting its Buy Now price.

In addition, you can also require authorization with a one time code each time you log into your account or when you log in from a computer, which you haven’t used so far. All these options allow you to increase the security of your account and of the domains on it.