Selling external domains

Categories: Selling domains

The terms of selling external domains (domains, which are not maintained with will be changed in the new version of the website. It will still be possible to list offers to sell these domains, set “Buy Now” prices for them and enter negotiations to buy them, but after the sale terms are established, the seller will be obliged to transfer the domain to in a maximum of 10 days. Not performing the domain transfer will result in blocking the seller’s account.

To list external domains in the marketplace, it will also be required to verify their ownership by setting a specified DNS record for the domain, resulting in redirecting the domain to the marketplace. When such verification record is not found, a daily fee of 0.01 PLN will be charged for each non-verified domain. Between 30 March and 30 April 2019 we will run a promotion, where this fee will not be charged. During this time the sellers will be able to add appropriate verification records to their domains.

Starting Escrow transactions or listing auctions for external domains as well as selling them in installments or renting them will not be possible – to perform such transaction, transfer your domain to