Account login

So far, an email address was also used as an account login. In the new system version, e-mail will be replaced by a login, which will be used when logging in. Replacing an e-mail address with a login carries a couple of benefits, for example:

  • The account login does not change when you change your e-mail address. Thanks to this, login can also be used to identify you when making transactions on the marketplace.
  • With e-mail address separated from the login, you can add multiple e-mail addresses to your account for different purposes and change them freely.
  • • You can grant access to your account to another person, e.g. an accountant. That person will receive a different login, which will be used to access the same account.

Since in the previous version of the system you did not have a login assigned to your account, when you log in for the first time with the new version, use the old method, entering your email address in place of a login. After logging in you will be asked to set a login for your account. From now on, you will use this login when logging in.