Buyer nicknames

In the previous version of the system, a buyer chose their own “nickname” – a description of one's account, shown in bidding during an auction. The fact that this nickname could be freely set and changed resulted in less transparency when trading on the marketplace – a person who did not meet the terms of a transaction could then appear under a different nickname, trying to escape from their negative reputation.

Therefore, in the new version of the system, buyers cannot set and change their nicknames on their own. Each buyer is identified by their login, which is also used to log in to their account. Since this login cannot be changed, every person is labeled in a clear and unchangeable way when buying on the marketplace.

Sellers' accounts can still be described with a nickname defined independently by the user. By excluding the possibility of selling external domains, all transactions on the marketplace take place in a fully automatic way, so there is no possibility for the seller not to fulfill the obligation to transfer the domain. Therefore there is no issue of negative reputation, which the seller might want to avoid. For that reason, sellers still have the possibility to choose how to present themselves on the marketplace.