Installments and lease

Buying domains in installments and leasing them are two completely different types of transactions. The first one is to acquire a domain, while the second is to use it without acquiring permanent rights. Therefore, in the new version of the website, they are divided into two separate lists of transactions, depending on settings of the previous version of marketplace.

In a lease transaction, you can set a pre-emption price, at which the lessee can buy a domain during the transaction. If a lease is made from the level of the marketplace, the pre-emption price is automatically set at the domain's Buy Now price. Now you can also make the lease of your domain possible without specifying the Buy Now price, because the monthly rent is fixed as an amount, not as a percentage of the Buy Now price.

When a transaction installment or a lease transaction rent is not paid, you can now decide whether to continue the transaction, giving the counterparty more time to pay or to end the transaction. For buyer protection, a lease can only be terminated or an installment transaction can only be aborted one week after the expiry of the payment period.

When you start a lease transaction, you can also specify which party to the transaction can terminate the lease and with what notice. A lease for an indefinite period can always be terminated by the lessee.