Direct settlements

A direct settlement allows you to make transactions, in which does not issue an invoice for domain purchase. If you have agreed with the buyer that you will issue an invoice directly to them or you have set different terms of the transaction with them, you can choose the direct settlement option, so that the funds will go directly to your account. We do not add VAT to such transactions and we do not issue an invoice for them, because parties in a direct transaction are responsible for accounting for all taxes on their own.

Direct settlement can be applied to any transaction, whether it is an Escrow transaction, selling items on marketplace, an auction or an installment transaction. In order to use this form of settlement, both parties to the transaction must consent to it. If the buyer does not agree to settle directly, the transaction will be settled in the traditional way, i.e. with a VAT invoice.

Direct settlement applies only to invoicing method for buying and selling. Having chosen this feature, the buyer continues to use all the security features offered by the Escrow mechanism.