Selling ccTLD domains

Some national domains require special procedures when changing a holder, such as sending a signed request by fax or confirming it by clicking a link sent in an e-mail.

Transactions requiring manual action by one of the parties may expose buyers to situations where, for example, the seller does not complete all the formalities and his data remains in WHOIS, which will allow him to continue managing the domain or even take it back from the buyer. Since our goal is to provide users with the most convenient and fully secure process of buying a domain, we have decided that the users of can only deal in transactions that can be carried out fully automatically.

Therefore, domains that require special procedures for changing a holder cannot be listed on the marketplace. However, you can still change the data of these domains for your own and transfer them from one account to another. To do this, you only need to remember to complete all the formalities related to the changing a holder.

All domains popular in Poland, such as .pl, .eu, .com, .net, .de, .it,, etc. meet our requirements for automatic transactions and can still be sold without any hindrance. At the moment, only selling of the following domains is disabled:

.at, .be, .dk, .es, .gr, .lt, .lu, .nu, .se,