Account verification

Categories: Buying domains

Users registering accounts with false details and then bidding in auctions not intending to pay, are a major problem for sellers. In order to limit this wrongful practice, we have introduced a requirement to verify each account before it is possible to place bids in auctions. For verification, you transfer 1 PLN from your bank account, which allows us to check the information of the money sender.

Only after receiving such a transfer, we allow the new user to bid in auctions on the marketplace. Transfers without correct sender details (for example, cash deposits at the post office) do not make your account verified. Users who paid by bank transfer to their account within the last year will be automatically verified without having to send another bank transfer with their details.

If you are listing an auction and you want your client who has not yet verified their account to take part in it, you can also add him or her to your list of accepted buyers. You can also decide whether to allow unverified buyers to make offers to buy your domains listed with regular sale offers.